Local connection to MyCloud Mirror not secure

When I connect to my MyCloud Mirror on my computer with Chrome my connection is now showing as not secure. I normally log in by the MyCloud IP address into Chrome and logging in using my credentials with no issues. Now recently it is showing a warning that the connection is not secure. Has something been changed?


I’m having the same issue but with the My Cloud EX2 Ultra. According to customer support, it’s because of an update. Customer support says they are working on a fix and will issue another update. This conversation was had with them on November 9, 2018. I have not see a new update yet to fix their blunder.

I still have not gotten a fix to this issue. It’s been over a year.

I have the same issue with MyCloud Mirror, anyone have an update?

Late to the party: has anyone solved this problem? It seems to have to do with the certificate the NAS is presenting to Chrome.

Just ignore it. If you’re accessing it from your home network there should be no problem.