Loading icon in middle of screen when returning from pause

I am having a problem with the loading icon (spinning arrow) in the middle of the screen not going away when I return from pausing video play over network, and the video control  buttons no longer working.

I can go back in to the menuing and surf through there with the video/audio continuing in the background, but I have no way of stopping it outside of physically pulling the power cord out of the WDTV Live unit.

My NAS is a Seagate 1TB with two USB ports that have other portable drives attached.

Anyone else having issues like this?

not me dude

you can try resetting the unit

I’ve tried the firmware upgrade, I’ve tried factory reset, i have tried running through a different wireless router, all with no success.

It seems to happen with media over network and not when I plug a USB HD directly in to the unit.