LiveWire stops connecting

My LIveWire has been connected to my network for a while, and recently  it stopped functioning. I have unplugged and plugged back in, pressed sync on the 2 units. What is happening is that the unit near my computer displays the #2 PC connection button briefly and then goes out after plugging in.  The Ethernet cables are secure, the cable shows it staying connected to my router. I have reset sync to all units. I even switched out one of the units with another one to see if that was the problem. What I see:  The unit connected to the router and my computer shows the light for the ethernet switch. IF I plug in another unit in the same outlet, I get 2 lights showing both power and a PC connection. If I unplug the extra unit, the unit connected to my computer goes to one light, power only (and the Ethernet indicator).  HOWEVER, the 2 units upstairs in different rooms show 3 lights for power, PC connection, and ethernet. SO, it seems the 2 units upstairs are talking to each other, but neither see  the one near the computer. I have not changed anything in my house/electrical lines, but about 4 days ago, the unit near the computer lost its connection to the other two.  I am wondering if somehow the electrical lines in the house have received some new interference… I can find no other explanation for this drop. Units are a little over a year old. 

I am on a Mac, and the software on the computer does not work for me, so this is just a hardwired setup.

Have you tried switching your units from upstairs to downstairs? This will confirm if the there is an interference in the line. If the issue were not the lines you may contact WD for a replacement.

Yes, I flipped the units and swapped out an extra one.  Seems to be a breakdown suddenly in the lines… 

This is exactly the same problem I’m having.  Stopped working a few days ago,  the PLC light will stay on when they’re connected to adjacent sockets, but if I move one of them the light only stays on for a minute.  I’ve tried resetting, resyncing, swapping them around, swapping the plugs, swapping cables etc…, but nothing works.  Internet is fine on the unit connected to the router.

Did you solve your issue?  I think I’m going to have to rma mine :frowning:

My solution was to reset the devices and leave syncing off.  A couple of days later I could communicate again. It almost makes me think there was outside interference on my electrical lines of some sort, perhaps some external wifi or something.