Livewire slow speed

I have the Livewire Kit, one end connected to my router in a room and the other end connected to my laptop in another room.  I have an internet connection of 20mbps dl and 2mbps ul.  I did a speed test with the laptop connected to the router and it shows 20mbps dl and 2mbps ul.  When I go do a speed test on the laptop connected in the other room through Livewire, it shows 10mbps dl and 2mbps ul.  I did the speed test on several times with different browsers, and the results are the same.  When I connect the laptop back to the room with the router, the speed test showed 20mbps dl and 2mbps ul.

Try a different outlet… There could be issues with the one you are using at the moment

if the outlet is not on the same circuit you can experience latency and performance issues

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I did a speed test again today and it is at the max.  Looks like it is working fine now.  Must be varying due to electrical interference in the circuits.  Thanks again.