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I am trying to set up a livewire so that i can access the internet on a sony blu-ray player in another room.  i think i am correct in plugging one unit into my modem and an outlet and the other unit into the an outlet and the blu-ray.  Or does the 1st unit need to be plugged into the apple express wireless router that we use for our wifi? i am getting a blinking plc link light and a blinking light on the 1 plug that is housing the blu-ray.  i own a mac laptop and thus could not get any help from the setup cd.  

It should work the way you have it…

still having problems.  getting an error that says “gateway not responding”.  if i get a router that would allow me to go through it versus having it plugged into the livewires 2nd port, 1st port being the cable modem, help?

The Livewire units effectively work like a long network cable.

  1. Make sure that the two devices, that you want to connect via the Livewire network, work correctly with a direct network cable connection. If they don’t work with a direct network connection then they will never work through the Livewire system.

  2. Make sure that the two livewire devices are correctly sync’ed together. If the “PLC-Link” light is off or flashing then the system will not work. Press the “Sync” button on both Livewire units (the button can be quite stiff) to sync the units.

Your whole system should work properly once you have sorted out points #1 and #2.

Will Livewire work in the Philippines with 220 current?

According to the specifications,  



Hi RevCharles,

The answer to your question is YES! :smiley:

Hi RevCharles,

The answer to your question is YES! :smiley: