Livewire Powerlines

I use Western Digital Livewire Powerlines in my house to get internet to all rooms.
The issue I am having is that I set them up a few years ago with another PC and now I reinstalled the livewire utility but am not able to connect to the power-lines. They all work perfectly and I do have access at all points.

I get the “HomePlug Adapter was not detected” error. When I launch the live wire utility and click on connect.

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

Does the utility see all the devices Or only 1 ?

There are a couple of things I have found that may help:

It may well be that the old computer was on a differnt subnet, and the adaptors are static IP. So unless you know the old IP range, you will have problems connecting. 

  1. Reset button on the powerlines?

  2. There are some blogs that show you can get an updated chipset firmware for them and also a connectivity tool - but it does not work on Windows 8 - you need to get Win 7 or below. (even an old XP PC - you may well be able to use a Virtual machine on Windows 8 Pro / VirtualBox).

I have upgraded the firmware on all my Livewires from the Solwise firmware FW_TPL-307E_v1.0R(

I had to use winpcap 4.1.2 though - 4.1.3 would not be recognised. You may need to set compatibility settings for the installer (To Vista SP2 if using Windows 7), and also run as administrator.

see here: