Live wire not conecting

Okay, got my live wire set about 2 months ago, and love it!  Only problem is, a couple of days ago, it lost it’s connection and doesn’t want to seem to connect again.  I have turned both units off and back on, have atempted to cink them within 2 minutes of each other, have even unplugged them completely from wall and router.  I never installed the software CD, as when I plugged them in it was up and running.  I have a linksys e1000 and my book world edition connected to the router along with the live wire main box, the other unit is in the living room about 20 feet away.  And had a xbox360 and wdtv live plus connected to it.  suggestions, comments? 

have you made any changes to the network, otherwise?  have you had any power outs or surges?

Yes, had to get a new IP address since the network was acting up.  But recinked both boxes, why not connect?

How long have you had the device?

About 2 months.

Can you explain how you have the devices connected.  Maybe even a diagram.

First box connected to cisco e1000 router, along with my book live, and my book world edition.  Second box in the living room with wd live streeming media player and xbox360 connected to it.  Both units are plugged directly in to the walll outlit.

I would unplug them, then plug them back in.  After that, you can reset the unit.  There’s a pin hole on the back side where the power plugs into the unit.  I would check the manual for how long to hold the reset button.  Also, if you’re on a Windows based network, meaning that you’re using primarily Windows computers, you can use the installation CD to try and set it up again.

Let me know if this happens again.