Live TV in multiple rooms

I can’t stand being the new guy that can’t figure things out.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to educate myself on this, but I apologize; I’m just not getting it.

I am hoping to use a Windows 7 PC with a cablecard tuner to stream video to TVs throughout my home.  At one point, this could be accomplished via Media Center Extenders, and this was my plan until I realized it was years out of date.

I’m not locked to a particular software platform package (that is, I’ll use Media Center, BeyondTV, etc.).  I’ve looked at the WDTV Live Hub Media Player and other WD Live products, and I’m quite sure they’ll play any file format I’d ever need, but I’m still unable to tell if they’ll allow me to see live TV coming from my Windows 7 PC.  Is this possible?

I’ve got a few Western Digital products, and would like to stick with WD to do this.  I’m just feeling awfully dense because I can’t figure it out.  Can someone please just point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance for any help and expertise you can offer.  I’ve spent hours researching MCE’s only to discover I was barking up the wrong tree, and you’ll help eliminate a lot of confusion.


If your question is Using the hub to connect to your computer so you can use the computers tv tuner to pass on the material through the hub. I am sure this can’t be done. Unless it is video files stored on your computer in one of the many video formats that wd decodes. However I am not very smart when it comes to upnp and dlana maybe through this process or twonkey it can be done sorry for the so so help. Thought I would post and maybe get some of the smarter guys to chime in