Live Themes vs Hub Themes

This may be a no-brainer, but I’m not sure how these things work:

I have a Live Hub with a theme created by one of you artists out there, used Thumbgen to create the sheets and thumbnails. I just purchased a Live TV that I stream from the hub and the external drives attached to the hub. Do I need a Live version of the Hub theme to properly display everything?


theme’s are generally compatible on both devices

but there are a few exceptions

depending on what firmware you’re running on each

… Also WD SMP themes have to below 30MB, where as the WD Hub Themes can go over that limit. Additionally, the HUB has had a recent discovery that has opened up the HUB to some really great theming concepts (basically all your Moviesheets are stored in the theme and downloaded as one). Due to the 30MB limit on the SMP, this functionality, whilst works on the WD SMP, limits your theme to looking after 20 - 30 movies… . There is a “ideas” request that has asked WD to place the Theme location on a USB stick plugged into the SMP, which would make you lose a USB port, but gain local memory to remove the 30 MB limit. - Regards LB

early alpha has been released, which will bring linksheets to the SMP as well

ironically, after getting further into the config files


already exist, WD just did not provide a way for anybody to change it

If thats the case… KUDOS V4.1 will be ported to a Linksheet theme… (there goes the holidays) :smiley:

should take long

just add 1 line to a couple of xml’s