Live plus becomes choppy when streaming PLEASE PLEASE HLEP!

I have a WD Live HUB in my familyroom. It has 2 hard drives connected to it with all our movies as .iso files. This hub is connected to my wireless router via ethernet cable.

In my bedroom I have the WD Live plus and it is connected to my router wirelessly. I can pull up all the movies in my bedroom that are on the hub downstairs.  But after a while of watching a movie it starts chopping up and eventually stops. Is there any way to fix this?  Any ideas at all.  The signal strength on my netgear 6300 route are excellent and there is no delay when streaming the movies on the hub on my laptops.   It is just this live plus in my bedroom.  Any ideas as to what to try would be VERY Helpful.



Can you successfully stream wirelessly to your laptop in the same room as the Live plus?  This will help determine if  the problem is the wireless connection speed to that room or if it is a problem with the Live Plus.  Video chopping up is a typical sign of a network connection that is too slow and of course wifi is always a suspect.  You might consider poweline adapters.  They’re not too expensive and can offer a more reliable connection.

Yes I can stream in the same room. My router is no more than 30th from the live plus. Even the live plus gives an excellent signal. I also have a power line adapter as well just incase. I have even placed the live plus as a priority on my router.