Live Plus Appears to Crash everytime I press stop during a Netflix movie

Specifically whenever I am playing a Netflix movie anytime I press Home, Stop, or Back the video output stops.

The box *appears* to have crashed.  However, this is not the case.  It merely stopped outputting video.  The solution I had was to turn the TV on and off and then the video came back.   I am connected to HDMI output.

I just connected the AV connection.   The stop transport button behaves properly in this case.  I.e. the video remains.

So it is clear that for some reason pressing stop while viewing netflix kills the HDMI output.  This does not happen when streaming local media.  I can press the stop button and everything is cool.

I’m a multimedia FW engineer and would be happy to fill in more details if somebody needs them.

Welcome to the ranks of people who have HDMI issues! That issue you describe is rare, but it affects me too, on my Live Hub.