Live News from WD TV?

Hi. I’m in Ireland. Would love to access an international news channel - Al Jazeera/CNN/Sky News/BBC World News.
Is it possible to add something to my WD TV to do this? Or are there plans to incorporate extra channels on the existing device?
BTW - I am confused. Such channels are freely available using my computer browser. Why can WD TV not access these?

WDTV’s have Never supported “Live Streams” (unless you purchase additional hardware like a Slingbox or Hauppauge tuner)

WDTV hardware is a Basic Media Player for Local Content and Limited Support for Streaming Sites … and as time goes by, will support less and less as streaming sites keep updating and changing API’s (eg. Youtube, Netflix, ABC iView etc etc)

Remember … the WDTV Live SMP was released in 2011 … 5 Year Old Aged Hardware (in about a month)

Want a Media Player that supports everything and is upgradable ? … buy/build a HTPC