Live hub & new ext hard drive

I’ve had the Hub for nearly a year with a 1TB Buffalo ext hard drive. I got a WD 2TB Elements hard drive for Xmas so I swapped the drives over. However since then, the Hub starts up on it’s own. I switch it off & about an hour later it comes back on again. Is it because the Elements drive has auto run? If so can I just delete the auto run programme. On a totally separate issue: The old Buffalo drive is now fitted to my WD TV Live player but it sometimes shuts down while I’m watching a video & the player reboots. any suggestions on what may be causing this to happen. Thanks in advance

Is no one able to answer this for me?

No. Well not anything that can help you.

Lets start with WD 2TB Elements drive. I have a few WD drives connected to my PC and Hub. I always format them when I get them to get rid of any bloat on there.

But a drive will not start the Hub, I don’t know whats’s going on there. The WD does not understand autorun, its not windows. But maybe someone is accessing it on your Network ?.

The Buffalo, well sorry to say but it sounds like its on its way out. Try swapping the drives onto the WD Boxes, see if the symptoms are the same.

Are you sure its not the player rebooting, and thats whats switching your hard drive off, in that case it may be a file type that that box does not like.

I’ll try your suggestions out. Thanks for your help, much appreciated

I eventually found the problem lies with my Virgin Media (so called) Super Hub. Which was constantly restarting both devices. Apparently there’s a known issue. I’m now looking into getting a new router & the new DLink with smart beam look appealing. Has anyone bought one? If so are they as good as they say they are?