Live Hub is displaying Album name for song names on numerous albums

I just noticed that I have numerous albums that are displaying the album name for song names. I checked and the file names are fine. Just when they display on tv, they are incorrect. Ideas?

Have you checked the metatag info for the songs?

Especially check the artist and albumartist tags, that’s where the hub collects info about who is performing, not the filename!

Yeah…that was the first place I looked. However, I don’t see any info on song titles.

I had this problem too. Did a number of things to get it to work right

  1. In Music Settings set Titles to Filename and then back to Title (not sure if this made any difference)

  2. Re-compiles the Library

  3. Use Options + Get Content Info from within the track listing view NOT from the album gallery view (this seems to be key?)

All seems to work as expected now - although hit and miss if it finds the album info even if you do a broad search like ‘Artic Monkeys’ only certain albums are there not sure why…

Now looking for some tool that will bring down ALL xmls for my albums in one go by pointing at a folder, in a similar way to the TV and Movie metadata editors that have been written and are availlable on other posts

Hope this helps