Live Book Duo 6TB heap overflow attack

We set this up out of the box – running firmware 2.31.08-067  When we ran our network security software over it it says that It is running a version of SMB that is vulnerable to a heap overflow attack and that NFS Share shows up as vulnerable because it is possible to access it without having root privileges.  This is on a static IP behind a firewall.  We since turned off media sharing and cloud access.

I spoke with customer support who wasn’t very helpful other than suggesting making folders private.  I’ve had one suggestion that this problem is because we’re using a device designed for home use rather than an enterprise level NFS.

Is there a firmware update available to fix this and/or can some advise whether this problem is more of a theoretical one or is there some real actual chance of a heap overflow attack?  


I will say that is more theoretical because you have a static IP is firewall protected and you will need to have the information about the drive it self.