List of all update versions? Jumping over some updates risky?

  1. Is somewhere a list of all possibe WD My Cloud updates

hopefully also including what each update solves?

  1. Should one update all of them in version order?

Or is it too risky to jump over some updates?

Thank you for your advice!

Posted the following links (not a complete listing) of prior firmware versions to another thread recently. If you are planning to downgrade rather than upgrade you may want to visit [that thread][1] as the downgrade process is not that simple and typically requires one to use SSH to edit the code that blocks downgrading firmware and to possibly actually trigger the firmware downgrade. Unknown if jumping over certain or many firmware versions would cause problems.

Firmware Release 04.04.03-113:
Firmware Release 04.04.02-105:
Firmware Version 04.04.01-112:
Firmware Version 04.04.00-308:
Firmware Version 04.04.00-307:
Firmware Version 04.04.00-303:
Firmware Version 04.01.04-422:
Firmware Version 04.01.03-421:
Firmware Version 04.01.02-417:
Firmware Version 04.01.01-413:
Firmware Version 04.01.00-408:
Firmware Version 04.00.01-623:
Firmware Version 04.00.00-607:
Firmware Version 03.04.01-230:
Firmware Version 03.04.01-219:
Firmware Version 03.03.02-165:
Firmware Version 03.03.01-156:
Firmware Version 03.01.04-139:
Firmware Version 03.01.03-127:
Firmware Version 03.01.02-125:
Firmware Version 03.00.03-413 – Initial Release:

One can view the entire release history in the current firmware readme file:

Post updated with new links

Had those same questions a few weeks ago… and I am now in the position of answering those questions.

I had to upgrade from 3.04 to 4.04.00-308 (jumping over 10 updates) and was painless with some minor trepidation of failure but after update, it is now running just fine with no sign of psychosis.

In fact I downgraded one cloud from 4.04.00-308 down to 3.0401-230 just by editing the version number stored in /etc/version to a number below 3.04 and then upgrading to 3.04, proving that you can probably jump from version to another with impunity.

Although with the 3.04 upgrade, I had to do a 40 second reset in order to gain back SSH access as well as stabilizing the upgrade.

Reserve the week for your upgrade and enjoy the adrenaline rush when your device goes into the blinking white light mode.

Good luck

The only suggestion I would make is to turn on SSH before upgrading the firmware. Some have reported recently that Dashboard fails to load after performing an upgrade. I’ve personally experienced the Dashboard failing to load recently, when unbricking and trying to upgrade from v3.04.01-230 to v04.04.01-112 or any other firmware above v3.04.01-230. Still don’t know what I did this last time around with that unbricked drive to get the Dashboard working on post upgraded 3.04x firmware. With SSH you can try to restore the prior firmware version, or trigger the My Cloud to reinstall the firmware. I too have found that once in a while I had to do a 4 second or 40 second reset via the back reset button to have the upgraded firmware reset itself to clear certain errors (like wrong storage capacity).