Liquesce drive pooling and SMP

Is anyone successfully using liquesce for sharing a pooled drive to the SMP? I have 4 HD’s each one has a movies and tv folder on it. I created a pooled drive of all 4 HD’s with liquesce and shared it on the network with full permissions to all users. I can see the pooled drive and folders/files on the SMP but when I try and add it to the media library it processes for about 5-10 minutes and then says the drive is read only. Also if I try and play a file off of it by opening it from videos->network share the SMP just freezes. I can play the same files off the network and add them to the media library when sharing just a single drive and not the pooled drive.

Running the latest firmware and have tried resetting the device. Server is running Windows 2008 R2. Anyone have any ideas?

Haven’t tried that configuration before, maybe is not compatible.

Yeah, liquesce doesn’t seem that popular.

Has anyone successfully used any drive pooling system (drive bender, flexRaid, Windows storage spaces etc) for merging movie folders on separate drives with the SMP? Don’t want to upgrade to a nonfree one if it won’t work.