Linux WD MyCloud

It would be nice if there was a Linux version of the WD MyCloud program.

I cannot access my drive via the site (Java fails miserably) so in the meantime since I do have access to a windows machine, I log in to it’s WD MyCloud program, select what I need and get the link for it ,then paste that into FF on the Linux side.

You would think, that the MyCloud device is Linux base, there would be some Linux support. Java is Cross-Platform, so it something like the Qt Framework.

Perhaps I should look at making a WD MyCloud Program myself for Linux, though I don’t think there is an SDK/API available is there?

Have to usually put things into my DropBox account if I want easer access to it on my Linux machines. *sigh*

Hi Onyxdragun, you can make any suggestions for future updates in the ideas boards.