Linux Support

Linux (at least Ubuntu) support would be highly appreciated with some sort of local app, or at least Samba shares support.
Web interface is kinda hard to use (particularly 5GB max. limitation) + there’s no local constant sync of the files on Ubuntu.

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There are “N” number of versions of Linux over which it has different UI (user interface), so it is defined providing troubleshooting on this platforms is not an easy task. Windows, Mac have there own defined UI it’s easy to handle them. Moreover, Ubuntu is an opensource need a specialist on it so that one can fix the issue easily.

Basically, supporting Debian in general should do, as because most popular distros (eg. Ubuntu) is based on Debian.
Anyways, somebody knows any workaround for now? (except WebGui, of course)

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Actually you can use a cross-distro packaging system like flatpak. No need to support each distro, put everything (including dependencies) in flatpak and the problem is solved. No app for linux is very sad. Especially for MyCloud Home that has no smb or nfs support.

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Even a simple thing such as SMB support would solve 99% of issues. Still didn’t expected that while I was buying MCH. I thought it’s a newer, more powerful version of classic MC.

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Me too. But found it a ■■■■!

Hello everyone!
First of all sorry for posting on a 1 yr old thread, but I figured this is the best place to post it as it comes up at the top of the google when searching for My Cloud Home linux support.
I have a My Cloud Home device, and today I finished creating a small, basic FUSE file system which mounts a My Cloud Home device as a file system to a linux machine.
The project is far from perfect but it’s the first step in the right direction IMO, so if you could give it a try and provide some feedback on github I would greatly appreciate it.
You can find the project here, please follow the instructions on the github page to get it running.
Thank you for your time!

HI all, I’m reviving this topic because I’ve just published a FUSE filesystem written in go to access the MCH devices from Linux.

I’ve done it for personal use and I hope others will find it useful.

It works on both Linux and OSX. The project is open source (Apache licence) and is available on Github at

I would appreciate any comment on that.

Hi mnencia, I got through the 1st step and now I am lost on "Then check out MCHFuse project, and run make. I did download “”. Sorry, I’m quite new to Linux. Love it, but big curve to learn how to install it with no .deb file. Can you walk me through a little bit please? Is there a file in the zip explaining how to install?

Thanks, Tim

Hi Tim,

I’ve updated the installation guide. I hope it’s more clear now.

I’ve also released the version v0.0.1with prebuilt binary for Linux and OSX

you can install it using the following command:

curl -sSfL | sudo sh -s -- -b /usr/local/bin

Please let me know if you have any issue and I’ll try to help you

I run an arch based system so guessing this won’t work as designed for Debian. Although I have Linuxmint on a secondary system, could try on there.

What transfer speeds do you get when writing to the MCH?