Linux mint 17.1 and WD2 dual hard drive

I am looking at purchasing WD2 dual drive 120 ssd + hd.

I am running linux mint 17.1 and while reading the speces it doesn’t mention it being compatiable with linux.

Do they just mean the software that comes with it ? Would I have to use a 3rd party partitioning toll ? If so would I still be able to desided where I  would want the programs to be installed?

Thank you


Welcome to the Community.

At this moment the activation process and related applications are only supported in Windows and Mac. 

Hi scubasteve70,

We don’t support the drive or software in Linux but If you are proficient with Linux partitioning you may be able to get it to work. You can put the drive into a Windows machine and run the Black2 software to unlock the drive. This should properly partition the drive into the 120GB SSD and the 1TB HDD. If you do not resize these partitions at all, it should work in your Linux system. You can, however, subdivide the existing partitions as long as you don’t resize them. The software splits the drive at the correct point between the SSD and HDD so files are not saved into the “gap”.

When you put the drive into your Linux system, you should be able to set your mount points in the advanced partitioning/formatting of the Linux Mint installer. Just have it re-format the existing partitions, but don’t let it resize or change the partition that marks the ‘gap’.