LINUX: Experiences with ext3/4 and Gparted with WD MyBook Essentials 2TB EXT HDD

Hi, hopefully this time I am in the right forum area.

I’d be interested in anyone’s recent experiences with MyBook Essential external drives and linux, particularly Ubuntu and its derivitives.

I only use Xubuntu (10.04 currently) but I have updated the smart software and firmware to the latest. I am not a fan of NTFS nor Windows and would like to repartition the 2TB space into several partitions using gparted, formatting in ext3 or ext4.

I have looked through posts here and googled but because WD won’t even make unofficial information available it is a bit of a gamble. I don’t want to use ext3 if my data is at risk because WD’s firmware won’t play nice with open standards.

If you have any recent experiences can you post here. Is it feasible? Does gparted cooperate with the terrible firmware? Is ext3 or ext4 safe?

(hint to WD staff: make a linux section even though you won’t officially support it so we can help each other in one place more easily. Better still, start testing your products with ext3 and ext4 using Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSuse. You’d gain the support of the linux community)

You might want to put this in the Ideas Lab and see if there would be any interest.

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