Linksys AE1000 wireless adapter


I have the WD TV live hub and I am trying to connect a wireless adapter but am having problems…

I have tried a wired connection and it works perfectly. I need to connect it wirelessly because TV hub will be on a different floor than the router.

I have gone trhough the process of configuring the wireless adapter under (setup-network setting-wireless) on the live hub, however, i get an error message saying I have the incorrect DNS address. I have double checked this through (command prompet-ipconfig/all) and still get the error message. 

Note: I have tried to configure it both manually and automatically and:

-Manually, the configuration completes but when I go to check the connection, I have an X on the DNS and internet connect

-Automatically, the cofiguration process never completes due to “limited or no conectivity signal”, eventhough, the signal meter strength is full.

One more thing to note -  I have two DNS addresses, have tried both, and still get incorrect DNS error message. 

Can someone please help?

Thanks for your time. 


Please let me know the revision number of the Wireless adapter. Also does this adapter works connected in your computer?