Links, NFS, and TV Live Permissions

I have an NFS server setup on a Debian no GUI OS hosting my mkv DVD rips. My NFS shared directory is /home/garrett/Vidoes/Movies/ and my NFS line in /etc/exports is -> /home/garrett/Videos/Movies *(rw,sync,subtree_check) The problem is I don’t want the WD TV Live to have write access to my movie files so I’d like to setup a linked system to deal with this problem but I’m not sure on what the best way to go about it is.

Should I setup add a linked directory under /home/garrett/Vidoes/ that sits beside /home/garrett/Videos/Movies and points to /home/garrett/Videos/Movies with it’s permissons set to rwx and while the actual Movies direcotry remains ro?

Or Should I setup another directory under /home/garrett/Videos/  with rwx permissons and have a script auto fill that direcotry with links to the ro contents of /home/garrett/Videos/Movies?

I’ve read where this trick has been done on Linux Samba servers with WD TV Live clients so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for NFS. Any ideas? Thanks.

I would recommend to keep the NFS questions to one thread, it’s easier for everybody to follow

as for permissions

subtree_check is looking for root permissions

the WD will not have root permissions

I do not recommend adding the WD for root permissions

and for a directory should be something like


 or possibly


 first d for directory

then user permissions

then group permissions

then all others permissions

So should I just remove subtree_check from my line in /etc/exports ? I figured since my original problem has been solved it would be a cleaner thread for reader to view if it was a new thread only listing one problem. I’m alos still confused about permissions, do the permissions set in /etc/exports overide the ext4 permissions?

well, I’m not an NFS export

but my understanding it’s a little bit of both

directory permissions should be set correctly to what you want

the subtree check is an example of enforcing / checking for root permissions

but the rw or ro flag in the nfs export should override some of the standard permissions

example a rw directory that is exported as ro will not be writable