Linking multiple EX2 Ultra's

I have 3 Ex2 Ultras that I will be installing on a network. Will I be able to hook up to one cloud OS5 account and access all 3 remotely or will they need different accounts. If I can do it can I restrict registered users to certain drives and folders


Answer to question 1 is yes (I’m doing this with two MyClouds right now).
Answer to question 2 is, probably yes, if its all set up locally (not remotely).

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Hi Thanks for your answer. Would it be possible to tell my how you are doing this. I have the 3 EX2’s installed. I am on a Mac. They show as MyCloudEX2Ultra MyCloudEX2Ultra#2 and #3. I am running OS3, should I upgrade first.When I go to http://mycloudex2ultra.local/# on a browser I get the log in page and then the user page. If I change it to http://mycloudexultra.local/# or http://mycloudex3ultra.local/# it doesn’t exist. Can’t work out how to add the other drives to the same interface Thanks

Have you tried Mycloudex2ultra#2.local and mycloudex2ultra#3.local?

My thought exactly.

The Device name can be changed using the settings dashboard.

I recommend using more user friendly names. Like; “Tom”, “■■■■” and “Harry”.
That will make your life easier.

Also, I use fixed IP addresses for the units. Then you can refer to the drives by IP address if necessary (only in a few cases is this necessary). Fixed IP should be done from the Router (with the NAS set for DHCP). (you want to do it from the Router so that if you change routers. . you can still talk to the NAS units using DHCP addresses)

Just one more thought. I have two MyClouds (single bay) that I named WDMyCloud and WDMyCloud2. They are both OS5. When I access them remotely with, it shows two drives named WDMyCloud. So the remote WD system appears not to distinguish between two similar drives on the same network, even if you name them differently.

Yes says not recognised. The number 2 one pops up when you log into admin

Honestly - - Prior to your post; I was not even aware that WD servers were capable of distinguishing two different WD NAS units on an account.