Link MYCLOUD PR4100 to 2 networks

Hello, I own a PR4100 who is linked to a network, the users connected to this network can access locally to the NAS. I have a second network, and I want those people to access to this network too, do you know if this is possible ? if yes how can I to this please ?
Thank you


The easiest way is to set up what is called a “double-NAT” configuration.

What Is Double NAT? (Quick Guide to Double NAT) (

Essentially, you have the “network 2” router wired to the WAN port of another router “Network 1”. Network 2. Everything on Network 2 can see each other. Network 1 cannot see anything on Network 2.

Note that simple webbrowsing will be fine on both networks; however anything that needs “port forwarding” on Network 2 will have problems.

If your NAS is on Network 1; everybody will see it.
If your NAS is on Network 2; only computers on Network 2 will see it.
If your NAS is on Network 2; “default” network configurations that allow the NAS to “talk” to WD servers won’t work correctly. You will have to play games with port forwarding (which I do not know how to do).

If you don’t want to have a double-Nat setup; then you can still access the NAS but you will have to connect to the NAS via the internet. (i.e. subject to network upload speeds). You probably will want to use a VPN connection in this case, as your internal network traffic will get routed through your local ISP between the two networks.

Hello @NAS_user thanks for you answer, the problem is that I have two routers, I can’t switch the second one to an access point, is there another solution ?

From what you say, you don’t WANT an access point.

If you are looking to have two distinct networks; you need to distinct devices performing DHCP assignment. (if you have your second device configured as an “access point”; it will not perform DHCP functions and everything will essentially be on a single router).

Its the second router (performing DHCP; acting as a router) plugged into the first router that is creating the double NAT setup.

I am not that versed on this type of setup; although I have done it a number of times in two cases;

  1. Hotel; where I put MY router on a hotel network to create my own internal mini-network.
  2. WD Wireless MyPassport - - which when at home connects wirelessly to my home network. The device creates it’s own network (i.e. built in router); and you can CHOOSE if you want to allow devices on the home network to see devices on the MPW network (I think if you choose “no”; this is what you are looking to achieve)

Note that your use case is rare. If you look up Double Nat on the web; most “authorities” advise against it. That is because most people barely deal with “WiFi Password”. Concepts like “Port forwarding” blow the average users mind. It’s not hard once you learn the tricks.

@NAS_user after consulting the support of mycloud, the second port cannot be used to connect a second network …

Not quite what I was suggesting.

I was suggesting using a Lan cable from One router to the Other router. This is what creates the "double NAT network. The NAS would be wired to ONE and only ONE network.

yes I got it, but it’s not working, the mycloud is showing in one network not both of them.

the two router are wired with ethernet cable, but still can’t get the result I want

I may have confused this question with another one.

Do you really want two independent networks? or do you want a single network where everything is visible to everything else?

If you want to wind up with a single network; with everything visible to everything else; you want to use the second router as a switch, not a router. Easiest way to do that is to buy a $20 switch and wire it up. :slight_smile:

An easy alternative is disable the DHCP function on the second router, and wire it to the first router - - -(this essentially makes the second router a network switch). ( If you want to connect second router to first router via wifi, then that is where you want “access point” functionality)

@NAS_user the problem is that I want to keep the networks separated

@Martok im not that advanced in linux to understand what you did exactly, do you have a tutorial or the app you’ve created so I can activate the bridge mode ?

Thank you for you reply guys I really appreciate, I’ll study the two cases and see if I can find a more simple solution

Can I ask why you have two networks?

Is this a home or business environment?
Do both networks have Web access? Does that imply two WAN connections with two cable modems?

For a home network. . . not sure why you need two networks, especially if you want a major shared resource visible to both sides.

I have two networks. . .however one is a “secure” network with no WAN access. The NAS boxes live on this network. To access the nas; I simply switch networks that the PC is connected to. I have two connections on the PC (One via WiFI to the WAN router; one via wire to the NAS router).

With two network adapters, I could be connected to both networks at once; but I “Feel” it is more secure if the I don’t have a live path from the internet (via the PC) to the NAS boxes.

well it’s a business environment, there is about 35 people connected on 2 floors, this is why im having 2 networks…

With 1 network only it’s hard to get a good connection

Without doing a double nat. . . . . I really think the “answer” is to setup the second router in “access point” mode; possibly with a hard wire between the two routers.

Note that the PR4100 is far from an enterprise class devices. . . . .technically, it can work with 30-40 users. . .but I think it is a serious edge case for WD software.