Limiting individual users or groups to specified contents

Is there a way to create a specific folder for specified users or groups to have access to and not everyone have access to all pictures from WD photo.  I am trying to set up WD photo for my kids Ipod touch’s but I do not want them to be able to view the entire contents of the Photos directory.  Now on my profile and other user profiles I would like them to have access to the entire contents via WD Photo.  How can I accomplish this?

Do you have a Hub or a MyBook Live? If you have a MBL then you can set individual folder and remote access permissions on the configuration page of the MBL.

I have MBL but it is not that simple. Everyone that you give access to, by default has access to the public folder. This can not be changed and WD Photo will only scan the photo folder within this public share.  Therefore, a user will always have access to all content within this folder.  This is a RIDICULOUS security limitation.  The WD Photo application is nice but the fact that it is a all or nothing security concept and works with a single public folder that you can’t assign permissions to **bleep**!  This could be fixed if you could have permissions set on sub folders within photo folder in the public share but that is not the case.  Additionally, I have tried to use WD2GO to accomplish this but when accessing the shares over the internet it requires the user to download the photo to the local device prior to viewing rather than streaming the content.  Tthis is also true with music as well and is the MAJOR downfall with WD2GO.  Let me know if this is not true but is my experience with the product.

You are right, that’s how both WD 2go & Photos behave, but 2go should at least play the files without downloading if you’re on WiFi…

I totally agree with CrazyG. The WD photos app is too limited. I’d really welcome a WD photos Pro app (like the WD 2go Pro app). Or an incorporation of the Photos app into the 2go pro app, so that it is possible to set up access for different users to different shares on the MBL. And not only the everything or nothing option in a public folder…


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