Limiting ftp access

Hey everyone…I’d like to limit an ftp user to accessing from only a certain IP

I know normally, this can be done by adding the user to ftphosts file.


This doesn’t stop the user from accessing from a different IP. So, do I also need to add a deny line for the

same user?

I tried…



Still no luck…any help would be appreciated. 

Don’t think the ftphosts works on WDMyCloud. Since the pre-installed vsftpd is compiled with libwrap, you could try hosts.allow/deny but only with IP/HOST restrictions. You’ll need to add tcp_wrappers=YES in the /etc/vsftpd.conf.

Thanks for the reply…worked but didn’t work the way I hoped…but as a last resort, it will do. 

I was hoping to just allow the website access, but it doesn’t pull the image off the mycould, just

redirects the user by url…so I would have to deny all and allow each members IP…which would 

work. Generating a list via a mysql would be easy enough.

Thanks again for your help.