Limited web access for friends?

How do I set up my system in the following way:

  • Allowing full and easy access to all files on my home network

  • Allowing me full access to all my files over internet via password

  • Allowing friends access to a certain folder over internet via password and nothing else

Right now I just have everything in a public folder. Do I have to move everything to a certain private folder to “protect it” from my friends accessing the WD 3TB over internet? How do I set up an account and share for my friends? 

The reason is simply that I want to share pics and other files with my friends without compromising my privacy.

Many thanks in advance how I do this or at least where I can read more, have read through the manual without getting much wiser.

Use the WD2GO service.  From what I see what you ask is designed into the WD2GO remote access service. That you wish to do can be done using the network shares that are defined.