Limited Quota Share Alternative for backups?

I use Carbon Copy Cloner to do backups of my Movies and Photos to the PR4100. (I also use Time Machine, but that’s another story). Carbon Copy Cloner has a feature called “Safety Net” that preserves files that were deleted from the data being backed up, in case it was a mistake, and automatically deletes the oldest ones when the backup volume fills, much like Time Machine does. The problem is that when you create a “Share”, it has no quota, and can expand to the capacity of the PR4100. Not good. I have looked into this, and there’s no way currently to limit the share size.

But you CAN create a Mac Time Machine Mac Backups to serve as a target for your Time Machine on your computer, and that can be limited in size, and I do use this.

I also discovered that iSCSI can be used to create limited size under the Storage tab, and the annual says the size can be limited. Is this something that could be used to suit what I need? Not familiar with it at all.

I haven’t tried, but I wonder if you can create a Time Machine Backup allocation and direct Carbon Copy Cloner to use that as a backup target, haven’t tried it.

So for now, I’m not using Safety Net when backing up to that backup share. I do have Time Machine to fall back on if I realize I’ve stupidly deleted something.


You could refer to the following link: