Limited Access User has Full Access of all photos on OS5 PR4100

I was shocked to see that a limited user , with access only to his dedicated space , has acces to all pictures on the server.
When I realised, I deleted the user account, and added a new one with total different credentials. Gave new user acces to his only space and folder. Installed app on his iphone, backed up his photos…
When he clicks on all photos in his iphone app, he sees all photos from all the server.
not good at all

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English is not my mother tongue.
The same problem, the media library is not treated separately by users.
I need to go back to OS3!

@jirages Please consider the below points

  1. Limited Users can see all the photos that are on Public Folder
  2. Limited Users can see all the photos that are on the private folder if the user has permission to access to that folders
  3. If the above are not the concern, please elaborate the issue and share screen shot .

Hello htb

1- I do not have, and never had , activated public folder permission to any User, including admin , from day one (2016)
2- Limited User with permission ONLY to his folder, can see his photos Mixed with The admin photos and all other users’ photos, by clicking ALL in his IOS mobile app.
3- I have setup a clean PR4100 since the begining, with No app added, No Public-timecapsule-itunes or other services activated.
Simple 2 Users: Parent and Children with one folder for each
Parent is admin, has Permission to Children’s folder, and Parent folder
Children User has Permission only to his folder
Parent Iphone backed up to Parent file / ‘Parent iphone’ Camera Roll Backup
Children Iphone backed up to Children file / ‘Children iphone’ Camera Roll Backup
On the Children Iphone app, if we choose the upper middle mountain icon, the photos of the children folder appear PLUS the photos of the Parent folder, everything, all.

screen shot is of photos, maybe irrelevent ?

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@jirages Please help us to get the My Cloud logs, and make sure to send it as a Private message.

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What was the fix for this? I have the exact same issue as the Op’s.

A user that has r/w access only to his folder and a public folder can see all photos stored on the drive. I turned off access to the photo folder to all users but it’s still accessible via the photos tab. There are no photos in the “public” or “andrew” folders.

Thanks for any help.

(New users can’t add screencaptures)

I haven’t found a fix, went back to OS3, and now stuck to update.
for the children, took an icloud account, no choice

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