Lightning-Struck MyBook 8TB

My MyBook got hit last week by a lightning-induced EMP along with all my other television/hifi/computer equipment. I thought it was probably toast, and sent it to my local pc dealer/repair to see about salvage of any data. They sent it back saying it seemed OK but had no data. I couldn’t imagine it being both physically ok yet with all my data gone, so I did some checking on my own. First thing I noticed after getting it back was that the drives weren’t spinning, its usually quite easy to feel the vibration on the unit when they’re up and running. So I pulled each drive out and hooked it up to a SATA-USB cable. Both drives spin outside the enclosure with this setup. Both pass DataLifeguard SMART checks and one has passed the full surface check, the other is halfway through that check now. But still I cannot see data on the disks. My system is Win7 64-bit and the drives are formatted in NTFS.

Any idea where to go from here? At this point, I just want to salvage the files off the disks. Then I’d consider trying to fix the entire MBP drive system.


Oh, and its RAID 0, striped.