Lighted Universal Remote foe WDTV Live

Time to ask again.

Is here a lighted universal remote that works with the WDTV live + ?

Not a Logitech spaceship controller. I would like to see a lighted universal remote since there are so many out there but none of them that I can find after anextensive  search show the WDTV Live+ in the device list.

If WD provided a more complete and Lighted remote at a reasonable price I would buy one in a heartbeat !!!


Look into the Harmony remotes and see if there’s one that’s lighted.

Once and for all - I have seen the many, many, manyy , many posts where the response has been “look at the Logitech” and while the Logitechs are great (not just nice - GREAT) I own one for my main system and I want an inexpensive alternative for a smaller setup in another room. 

There are many inexpensive lighted remotes that work great, have macros, work real strange and oddball devices out there,  yet their data sets do not include the Western  Digital Live products. Whether this is due to WD or the remote makers is beside the point. We have these great little WD media boxes and they don’t have the basic functionality of having a remote that can be seen in the dark. Since WD in it’s ultimate wisdom has not provided a lit remote, and since there is some kind of disconnect between WD and the major (and many minor) remote control manufacturers, folks like me ask for a SOLUTION that somebody out there might know of.

Enough with the “check the Logitech” posts!  That’s not a personal attack at the responder, but “check the Logitech” is out there already.

Any solutions out there?