Let's Write WD's Mycloud Home Product function

  1. Useless Web function
    No Permission Setting, Slow, Service is only PLEX, No FTP, No Torrent Service, Nothing
  • When I Connect first page home.mycloud.com
    I Think it is a Small Version, and I guess some detail page or something but there is Nothing
  1. Amazingly slow in my life with web upload

    Because it use Amazon AWS in us-west Server and I’m in South Korea
    Upload 4GB Movie in Web -> 10 minute
    Upload 4GB Movie in Samba -> 90MByte/s (less then 30 second)

    WD Seriously?
    and Samba is no security Option, So I can’t Use it Personally
    but I can’t find in the web LOL

    No SSH, No TELNET, No rLOGIN Nothing
    another Shocking Point, Now I can’t Mod it, even I don’t know it’s Linux
    It’s No Support? Nahh WD you blocked it

  3. Useless PC app

When I Shocked in First Web Page I Think Desktop Program is more better, befere I install
And Install the Program, There is Nothing!
I can’t Do anything with this program

If you Think buy WD My Cloud Home, Please Don’t! This is my last request in my life
and Please write If you think more function in this Product

  1. you can Connect home.mycloud.com (even if you did not set up your firewall)
  2. Public Samba Setting ( you can connect \\MYCLOUDHOME’s IP )
    2.1 but there are No Options, It’s Just Public anyone Can Connect and Write and erase it
  3. PLEX Support
    3.1 Plex Can Turn on DLNA server, yes you can’t Turn on DLNA in Mycloud home alone

This is my Request to WD Staff

  1. Support Network Storage function ( THIS IS NAS right? )
    1.1 Samba(with Setting Option), FTP Server, WebDAV server, iSCSI Server

  2. Permission Setting
    2.1 I can’t set any Permission with invited User
    2.2 and I can’t Kick invited user

  3. Local Administration Page
    3.1 Setting Static IP ( I’m Shocked 3rd with this Product )
    3.2 Storage setting ( Partition, File System, … )

  4. SSH Support
    4.1 I think WD think this product is using for home user… plz it’s useless more then “My CLOUD” it’s 3 years old Product

  5. Torrent Support
    5.1 It’s my hope and Dream, I Think Dream comes True

Tell me if Mycloud home have more function
I’m Very sad 2 Picture Limit


My Cloud “Home” does not have NAS features as we all know NAS.
The product that will suit your need is the My Cloud (such as an EX2 Ultra or PR2100)

even major retailers like Currys and PC World in the UK think its a NAS !! ??

of course its a NAS, please add NAS features as we all know NAS

I have seen too many posts here like this one. I do not have one of these “Frankenstein” My Clouds. Anyone who did not do their homework before buying a “Home” device has no one to blame but himself. Nevertheless, anyone unhappy because it is not a “real NAS” ought to ask their retailer for a full refund, because WD did a poor job of describing and promoting this thing. It also has wasted forum staff’s time responding to the posts about it!

As you don’t have a My Cloud home you will not appreciate the frustration that many of us face with the home, especially those who have migrated from a my book live or my cloud.

You go take a look at WD’s support document regarding " Differences between My Cloud and My Cloud home "…

As for your comment about wasting forum staffs time then who else do we reach out to…and of course it is likely there is a relatively simple fix by upgrading the firmware…no ones trying to re-invent the wheel here.

Yes I wrote refund request to reseller
and I will not buy WD’s NAS on my life

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Suggest you read my comments again, I don’t think you “got it”. Of course, I understand the frustrations. Why do you think I wrote the post?

As for WD staff wasting their time – it refers to they are spending way too much time explaining why this poorly developed product exists to all the people writing and calling in for help. This is a “high maintenance” product for WD, brought about by poor product design, operation and performance. New firmware is not the solution in the case of this disaster product. It should be discontinued.

But Why have WD made it so easy to upload and so hard to download content?