Let me try this a different way -- trying to change the password on an older WD Passport

I know about the link to the download page.  However, it doesn’t specify exactly which file to download in order to restore the unit to factory settings.  I was hoping someone here would be able to tell me exactly what files I need.

What’s been suggested so far:

"Please see the link (though the system in this forum seems incapable of allowing users to cut and paste) the link is on the Download page and it gives serveral options.  What I am trying to find out is what exact file will be able to reset the passport to factory settings, and allow the new owner to be able to set their OWN passport for the device.

The options are:

WD Universal Firmware Updater for Windows

WD Quick formatter For Windows

WD Smartware Update For Windows

WD Smartware User Manual (.pdf)

Hopefully someone can tell me exactly which product will install the unlock feature?  Or  whichever one is the “start over” download? 

The files have all been deleted, but I don’t want to format it without having some kind of software that will make it ready for someone else’s use.  Afraid if I format it, it will turn into an instant doorstop.

Hi there,

If this is one of the older passports, i suggest getting the older smartware software since you will be able to erase the password so it can be formatted and set as default with no password.

Thanks ArMak, would you happen to know where the older smartware software you’re talking about can be found?


Hope this link helps you out: