Less than 1Mb upload speed, 0Kb showing for external hard drive

Hello, hope someone can help, I have less than 1Mb upload speed, can’t use external hard drive, one drive shows 0Kb, the others don’t show at all, and the damm goes to sleep every other day!! I have updated the firmware yesterday, this has not helped…I’m totally fed up with this, wish I never got it…carrying around external hard drive is better lol. I have look at all the messages on here, but there seems to be a lack of answers…I’m not keen on spending hours on the phone, so if I can this working soon, then it try to get money back! The drive is connected to a virgin router…

Your upload speed has nothing to do with the external.  You need to be more clear and specific about your issues for better answers. To start, make sure your external is on a supported partition (ntfs, hfs, fat). 

Ok then, I have three problems:
1, My upload speed is less than 1Mb, takes more than 20mins to upload a 700Mb film from my laptop
2,All three of my external hard drives don’t work with the cloud, one comes up with 0Kb, it’s fat is Ntfs, the other two don’t show up at all…
3, the goes too sleep, and is unusable until is reset…been ok since yesterday, when I up dated firmware…

  1. Are you on wired or wireless? Local or remote connection?  If wireless and local, what connection speed (check this by Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Local Area Connection)  You’ll see a window like this:


What is your “Speed”

2.  What externals are you using?  Are you sure its NTFS and not exFAT?  You can check this by plugging the drives in Windows and right clicking on the external drive > properties.  It should show in the “File System” section

3.  You can turn off the sleep function in the Dashboard > Settings section. 

4.  If possible, start fresh by doing a QUICK FACTORY RESTORE

Hello thanks for the helpful reply, I’m local and on wireless, I checked like you said, I have 54Mb to play with, I also have checked the external drives there are all Ntfs. I have had the sleep function off for a couple of weeks. Not keen on the restore, as it’s taken me weeks to get the data on there…

Theoretically, maximum speed is 6.75MB/s, but most likely throughput would be 4 - 5MB/s.  Adding other factors such as range, walls, etc… speeds would decrease.  I suggest trying wired ethernet connect and see how transfers speeds go for you.   Could you please list the external drives / model you are using?  I have plugged in a WD Elements, HP SimpleSave, Buffalo Ministation, Toshiba and Iomega external harddrives all formatted with NTFS and reporting the correct size.

Thanks I will try that, once I get it started again, I got two old free com drive and one new today sea gate expansion 3tb with usb3.

Guess what the cloud down again and I’m away from home, so this is a compleat wast of time. I have tried email support, still waiting for a reply three days later, WD are a joke!!!

That’s it given up with this door stop, now deleting all the data…I’m going to take it back to the shop, see if I can get money back…hope they don’t want to give me a replacement …lol
WD support is the worst I ever know…I lost faith …