Lenovo Laptop won't boot with WD 3TB

I have a problem booting my Lenovo W530 Thinkpad with the WD 3TB installed.  I am running Windows 8.1, with the WD installed in one of my USB 3.0 ports.  When starting the computer, it will only boot to the Thinkpad logo screen and will hang up.  If I turn the computer off, then boot the machine, it starts up properly.  After coming to the home screen, I can then reconnect the WD and the computer immediately recognizes it.  I then have no problems accessing the external drive.

I have worked with Lenovo to change the BIOS settings to Legacy, Legacy then UEFI, or UEFI only.  Nothing seems to work.  We have also tried several boot heirarchies for the various drives and external devices (i.e., I have an SSD as my main drive; we’ve tried various start orders for this drive), again without success.

I have even been told that I would need to reinstall Windows; but would like to avoid that option, due to the time involved in reinstalling my other programs.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

I have an error in my previous post.  The sentence should have read, "If I turn the computer off, remove the WD, then reboot the machine, it starts up properly.