Led status and sleep issue

Since installing my MBL just before Xmas, I have found that sleep mode is so intermittent and the drive just seems to be spinning all the time! I have it located in our front room and it’s incredibly annoying when trying to watch TV. I have read some other threads and at there doesn’t really seem to be a resolution to this at the moment. I have disabled the twonky, i tunes and remote features but no difference. It does go to sleep sometimes, but not for long and I know it’s nothing on my network accessing it. Laptop is asleep as are my iOS devices. If I look in the web interface under backups, it tells me that it has backed up this evening, I haven’t even used the laptop this evening so god knows why or what it is backing up??!! Also in the Smartware backup section, the MBL backed up files keeps displaying different amounts of data backed up, which does not reflect what I see in my shares. No additional files have been added or modified. I would expect the MBL to remain asleep until one of my devices starts talking to it? Any ideas? I’m running the latest firmware and win 7 home premium. Thanks

Same problem on Win 7 Ultimate.

It`s appear when i launch torrent client and start seeding content from my hard drive.

Try to reboot your device. It`s help for me, but for a short time.