LED blink on My Passport Ultra

I have a 4Tb My Passport Ultra and the LED always blinking even there is no activity. Even when I uncounted from the computer, the LED keeps on blinking. Even worse, the drive is spinning !
The only way to stop the LED blink or Spinning is to unplug the drive from Computer.
Anyone can help ?

Hi @ew88hfc,

Please test the health of your drive using the Western Digital Drive utility:

Title: Setting up and using WD Drive Utilities
Link: Setting up and using WD Security and WD Drive Utilities


I have tested and the results showed that the drive is OK. However, don’t understand why the drive spinning all the time and LED continue blinking. Worry that the life of the drive will be shortened as it is spinning all the time even no activity of the drive !

Drives of other brands don’t have this issues !