Leaving WD Passports connected and on 24/7?

Hi guys

I normally am using my computer 24/7. When I’m not actually working on it I leave it doing stuff like downloading, anti-malware checking or defragmenting.
I have three WD My Passport Ultras 2Tb’s are connected to it, so usually these too are left on 24/7.

So I really would value knowing whether the My Passports are ‘up’ to being left running like this. I know its all right for my hard drives, but I am not sure about the My Passports.

I would welcome a reply from someone who has good knowledge of the drives and issues.



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Many powered hard drives have a spin down setting to stop drive from spinning after approx. 5-10 minues so check your drive to see if they have this feature.

Many drives have a spin-down feature after 5-10 minutes. Many with their own power supply have this feature. Check your drive’s manual.

Many portable drives have this feature, too, so check your drive for this feature as well. Some are preset; some are adjustable, some even come with the feature, but it comes out of the box turned off… The user manuals for drives tell you about this. Check the power setting of your computer, they also have this feature in the power settings.

The power settings in your computer or laptop have a spin-down feature as well, so look in the power setting.

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