Latin Characters on SRT subtitle file

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I’m planing to buy a WD TV Live Hub Media Player, but there are two things I need to know before I buy it.

I have tested with other brand Media Player like ASUS O!Play ant it doesn’t support Latin Characters or Italic symbol it shows as it is.

Can any please inform me if the WD TV Live Hub Media Player supports srt files with Latin Characters such as : Ç, Ã Õ Í À Á etc, Words such as: Compilação, Há, às, ás, aí, país, és, está etc. Does it supports Italic symbol  on srt files.

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As far as I know, Latin is not supported by the WD TV Live Hub.

I do believe that, as long as the files are saved as UTF-8 encoded, that most of those characters should work.

However, most text formating is NOT supported.

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TonyPh12345 what do you mean with " files are saved as UTF-8 encoded" srt subtitles files are simply text files that can be edit with windows note pad.

How can I save this srt files with UTF-8 encoded?


When you use NOTEPAD, if you do SAVE AS, you’ll see an option to select the ENCODING.

The default is ANSI.   But UTF-8 is a different encoding that supports extended character sets.