Latest firmware bug

Using the latest firmware 1.05.12 the DHCP client table often shows 1 or 0 connected devices at the same time I have at least 10 wired and wireless working. I do have some manually added devices where I assigned an IP but they sometimes show in the DHCP client table and other times not. I don’t get the reasoning here. Can you look into this bug?

You can powercycle the router or reset

if you’re certain this only happened after the firmware update you can submit an issue report

Hi, did you tried doing a power cycle?

I did a power cycle and problem still persists. 

I’m having the same issue, its not showing all my devices and in some cases its actually showing the wrong ip address.  it says is connected when in fact its

I just setup my N900 HD and have the same issue. It’s a total **bleep** shoot as to what devices are displayed in the DHCP client table. At first it just showed our two desktop PCs. Now it only shows the NAS. It never has displayed my ATA or Roku and ALL on wired connections. I held off buying the N900 thinking that the unpaid customer beta testers would have assisted in removing serious bugs. Now I see that the latest F/W added a totally unacceptable one. Very disappointed. I guess I’ll go back to my DIR-655 as my VOIP ATA cannot register through N900 HD either.

After down powering for about 15 hours, I set up my LAN with the N900 and powered it up and now the DHCP client table properly populates. Initial hard reboots however (removing power from the N900  for serveral minutes) did not solve the problem. Hope it doesn’t return.

This problem comes and goes and I cannot believe that WD is not aware of it. Presently my Roku and APC UPS are not populated in the client list but I know they are connected and working. Maybe some day WD will actually fix this.