Latest Firmware 2.02.32 breaks HDMI output


i recently upgraded my firmware from something 1… to latest 2.02.32 in order to use the miracast feature. Unfortunately after the firmwareupgrade the HDMI output does only work during the initial WD splash screen (booting phase) correct. Afterwards i cannot route the HDMI signal any more via my HDMI multiplexer, because in this case i only see very occasionally a single picture or green screen otherwise it stays black.

It works when i connect the WD live directly to the beamer, but i need to connect it via the mux, because i have other devices to connect. The multiplexer works ok, because it worked before the firmware upgrade of the WD live and also now it works, but only short time during booting. I tried various HDMI setting (resolutions, …), but it does not seem to help.

Any ideas, other than going back to an outdated firmware?

Hi DLNA-WDlive, welcome to the WD Community. Have you tried using different resolutions or pressing the reset button?

Hi jubei04,

yes i tried different resolutions, but the problem does not seem to be the datarate over the HDMI interface (because also lowest resolution does not work). I also tried a reset of the device, but also this did not change the problem.

Maybe try the “Factory Reset” this way …

Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default

Hi JoeySmyth,

i also tried the factory reset, but it did not change :frowning:

See my post:

Anyone with a firmware issue, raise a support ticket (sorry if this is getting boring…)  :smiley:

Hello ChrisMay2014,

indeed i have already raised a ticket before you posted - the answer i got from the so called support was, to say it extremely positive way, funny.

To summaries the answer i got: Western Digital is not selling a device with HDMI output :wink: It does not comply to HDMI standards, but supports only receiving devices, that Western Digital wants to receive the signal. Unfortunately an HDMI standard compliant multiplexer is not a device that Western Digital likes to receive their signals.

Extremely funny was also the definition by this “supporter” what can be used as a prove: One experiment, in this case the working connection between the WD live and the beamer, was already a prove for him that the WD live is working perfect and the multiplexer is the problem(?). Unfortunately he did not seem to care that i have successfully tested several other devices with this multiplexer. Because 3 other devices work perfectly with this multiplexer, it is (purely according to the definition of this Western Digital supporter) a prove, that the multiplexer is working according to the HDMI standards and the WD live is broken!

Unfortunately Western Digital does not seem to care about customers.