Late recognition and very low transfer rate of my 2TB external hdd

Once due to sudden power shutdown while transfering data , my hdd was showing as a raw partition i.e as a local disk for abt half a day i left it connected and after some time it showed it as elements but browsing through the files became **bleep** slow,it takes 2-4 min to open up a folder.the worst part is the transfer rate, the data is being trasferred at 250-500 kbps which is getting on my nerves and copying data onto the hdd is getting struck up at the last and it doesn’t budge even after an hour.i tried chkdsk but after 7hrs it was still processing only 35 files,so i stopped it.Now when i connect it, it takes 10-15min to recognise.But the best part it i’m able to play the video files inside the hdd.I am thinking of backing up the data and formatting it but the transfer rate being that slow i don’t know what to do…  Please help me out as soon as possible!!!

i also facing the same problem . Somebody help!!!

Same problem here. WD Elements, 2TB, about 500 GB on personal files. The HD takes about 1 min to be recognized by W7 as a new drive unit, and about 5-6 more mins to be a fully accessed drive (it displays name and you can access directories). When you try to open subdirs, it stops some seconds until displaying the next subdir. When you try to copy a file to another HD, it takes forever, with transfer rates of 100-150 KB/s. Sometimes it goes up to 500-600 KB/s, but it seems to be random. Impossible to try to open a file (i.e… videos, music,…) as the players get stuck.

I’ve tried the WD Lifeguard diagnostic tool, but even the quick test seems to fail.

Any tip as what to do next will be appreciated, before applying for a RMA. Thanks.