Largest external drive that works?


It will recognize the drive … but if the firmware (older) does not support it, then there is a chance of corruption.

Westion Digital does manufacture SMR drives. eg. The 4TB My Passport Ultra is a SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) Hard drive.

If you doubt that, contact WD Labs and they will confirm it.


Tell us the good news!?


Well, the news ARE good! For now, at least.

Live Hub’s Disk Manager recognizes whole size of the disk - 7.28T with 5.42T free space. Everything works fine and also a bit faster than on the 2T Elements (or so it seems). No unusual or weird sounds emanating from the drive and no interrupted media reproductions.

After 10 days of use it works as it should and I would wholeheartedly recomend it to anybody who needs large external drive to expand the capacity of their WDTV media player.

As for what will happen when I pass the 4T mark, we’ll have to wait and see. For now - and speaking from 15 years of experience using WD drives - I can’t see anything that could emerge as a problem in the future. But this is by far the biggest HDD I’ve ever used and it remains to be seen whether it will behave differently, and to what extent.

So, the most important info for anybody who plans on using the WD 8T My Book external drive on their WDTV Live Hub player is this: the drive comes pre-formatted in exFAT and has to be reformatted in NTFS!!! Otherwise the Live Hub won’t recognize it. Don’t start copying your many TBs of data BEFORE you reformatted the drive - you’ll have to do it all over again!



I have over 4tb on my 6tb, you won’t have any issues. As long as you avoid unplugging the external drive. That’s the only time I’ve seen corruption on these. Plug it in once and never remove it. You can access it over the net anyways. Just curious, which port did you plug it in ( front or rear?). Do you just have the 1 drive hooked into the WD?

I’m thinking of going with 8tb on each port :smile:

OR 16TB on 1 port.


It’s plugged in the rear port and it is the only drive hooked in the player. Front port is free.

It took me 3 years to fill the 2TB Elements, so I hope I’ll be OK with this one for the foreseeable future.

It seems like a fine piece of hardware.


Nice, I do about 2tb a year. But I am starting to download higher quality movies which take up more space. I figure 8tb will last me 2-3 years. I hope in 2 years there is a player like the WD released so I can retire the WD.


I don’t know if you bought the drive(s) yet, Sol, but there is one thing that could possibly be a deal breaker for you: this drive - 8TB My Book - is noisy. Real noisy. You can hear it very clearly from 3 m distance, and it can be annoying when you watch something in the middle of the night at low volume.

For me personally it isn’t something that would be a deal breaker, but I don’t know your setup and your sitting distance from the player/drive.

The sounds are usual HDD working sounds, nothing ominous (like the dreaded “clicking” sounds), but they are much louder than any other disk that I ever owned. I read customer reviews on Amazon and everybody mentions that. It seems that it has to do with some “different method” WD used on this model, although I have no idea what kind of “difference” they are talking about.

You mentioned that you’re considering buying two of these, so I think this info might be valuable to you.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of any means of describing more precisely the level of noise for you, to help you making the decision. I don’t know where you live and whether there are stores next to you that would allow you to hear the drive when in use, before buying it.

As I said, it’s not that much of a big deal for me, but if it so happened that I needed two of these, and if I were to sit closer to them than I do now, that might be a problem.



Hey Lemmus, I have a bunch of 8tb externals at work. They’re a bit louder than the 6tb and lower drives. The difference is very very subtle. Try running crystal disk info to see if you’ve got any issues with your drive. The drive itself should only emit noise when seeking, mine are silent when not seeking.


Sol_seachin and Lemmus, thanks for useful and interested discussions.
But I followed the same procedure you described :

(1) Transfer out the original files.
(2) Format NTFS (I did quick format ).
(3) Transfer 1 movie.
(4) Run chkdsk /f M: and plug it into the WD player.

and can not get the same result.

On some reason, streamer does not recognize WD My Book 8TB (WDBBGB0080HBK-NESN) .

I use WD TV Live plus streamer (WDBABX0000NBK-00) with software 1.06.16_B.

May be you have idea why it does not work.


This topic is regarding the later WD TV’s (Live Hub, Live Streaming)

The reason your old WD TV Live does not support the 8TB My Book is because the older WD TV’s do not support GPT (GUID Partition Table) which all hard drives now use.

The old WD TV Lives only support MBR (Master Boot Record) Partitions … Max 2TB Support (or 4TB hard drives with 512 Byte Emulation)

The WD TV Live Hub and WD TV Streaming Media Player does support GPT (i tested a 4TB My Passport Ultra GPT Partitioned and NTFS Formatted … and it worked fine)


Thank you for quick respond!
I started the full NTFS format thinking that is a problem.

So, do I need to buy new streamer or there a way to go around with the old one?


buy a new streamer … i don’t use WD TV’s anymore

i’m using a Android Amlogic S905X Box and a Raspberry Pi 3 … both support GPT (and the S905X supports 4K HEVC (H.265) 10 Bit … so it will play pretty much anything i throw at it)


Thanks for your time and valuable advice!


Partition the 8tb drive into two, 4tb partitions. The WD is still a capable device today. 4tb works on the live. Haven’t tried 8tb.


It will still be GPT


I heard that the difference between WD TV Live Plus and WD TV Live Hub is very small.
Is it possible that the difference is only on the software level?
If so, I may try to download firmware from WD TV Live Hub to my WD TV Live Plus.

Thanks for advice with 4TB. I work with 2 HD: 2TB and 3TB. But I have stuff up to 7TB and plane to expand more.


Firmware Level … and encryption, boot strap/loader level (WD did modify the Live Hub to be not so easily ‘hacked’ to run homebrew … which is why the is no CFW ‘Custom Firmware’ for it)

That will Not work … I can 100% Guarantee it.


Thanks for skepticism, yes, it’s crazy idea.

Does T95X Android 6.0 Smart TV Box 2G 16G Amlogic S905X Quad do exactly as
WD TV Live Plus? What is Raspberry Pi 3 ? I am not familiar with that.


Does T95X Android 6.0 Smart TV Box 2G 16G Amlogic S905X Quad works with 8TB HDD?


I don’t own a T95X or a 8TB HDD

I have a Cooleme MB1 S905X and a 4TB HDD … which works fine with GPT (GUID Partitions)

Now saying that, i have flashed it with TANIX T5 Firmware (which gives Root Access) and i’m also running LibreELEC [Kodi] (Booting from Micro SD Card)

Can’t 100% guarantee a T95X will work with 8TB … as these boxes (mine included) are running all sorts of different firmware.

But, i’d be very surprised if it didn’t