Largest external drive that works?


Thanks for advice. With big variety of Android product, it’s difficult to choose the correct one.
Does TANIX T5 Firmware included in COOLEME package or separate?
Thanks again.


nope, separate … personally, i don’t think it’s necessary (unless you want Root Access)


Is there any essential difference between COOLEME® MB1, MB2, and MB3? Or for the streaming performance and quality it does not matter?


In the list of specifications for COOLEME MB1:
“Supports*.mkv,.wmv,.mpeg,.dat,.avi,.iso,mp4,.rm and.jpg file formats”
I did not find .vob format.

Is that really so or they simply skip it?
T95X has this .vob container.
Thank you.


Yes, it plays *.vob fine (tested with Android MX Player and LibreELEC [Kodi]

Main difference between MB1 and MB2, MB3

MB1 = Amlogic S905X

MB2, MB3 = Amlogic S912

that’s all the advice i can give. i have the MB1 and it works fine for me …


I could not make the right decision.
Thank you for your time and valuable advices.