Largest, coolest Red drives now "Plus" line?

In my media box I need the biggest 3.5" HDD I can get, and I need it to be as cool as possible (in other words relatively low power consumption).

For a long time I was clear on that WD Red drives met this need best (and were cooler than Ironwolf).

I understand that the Red line has experienced some controversy WRT true speed and fitness for NAS.
But even though the Reds weren’t IIRC running at 5400rpm, they were still the coolest largest HDDs.

So I’ve looking forward to an 18TB Red coming out to upgrade my WD120EFAX Red (as it previously upgraded my WD80EFZX Red, which is now a storage HDD in my PC).

But I’m confused, since it seems the largest Red now is only 6TB.

So is what I should be looking forward to is larger Red Plus HDDs? (I see they now only go up to 14TB.)

I received a kind PM which confirmed my understanding that yes, it is larger Red Plus HDDs that I am eagerly awaiting.