Large transfer interrupted

Hi all,

I am new to using My Cloud, and in my initial set of transfers, one large batch was interrupted (I got about 180 out of 250 GB successfullly transfered).  Unfortunately, I had to reboot both the computer and the My Cloud.

Now, when I try to restart the transfer, it says that the directory already exists.  That’s correct, as all the directories were created in the initial attempt.  But I can’t seem to get the files to move over unless I go directory-by-directory.

What is my best solution?

  1. Delete everything existing and try again?

  2. Go though all the directories/sub-directories (there are a few hundred) looking for which files were not transfered?

  3. Some other (hopefully much easier) solution?



I had a similar situation to you and I couldn’t find a way of resuming the upload. I was loathe to delete everything and start again so what I ended up doing was starting at the top of the directory structure and comparing the source folders with the target folders (number of files and size) on the WD My Cloud to find out where the upload broke down. Then I just copied the remaining stuff over manually which was not too bad since the original upload was almost complete when it broke.


Are you using WD SmartWare and if so are you doing a file or category backup?

The image below is from my computer and shows a category backup for my Horace share. Under Desktop, (C: ) blue represents uploaded and yellow has not been completed and under WD My Cloud, Horace blue represents uploaded and the gray area has not been completed.

What is yours showing? Some images would help.

Have you looked at the Help tab and viewed the Online User Manual? A link is provided at the bottom of the Help tab for the Online User Manual.

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cat0w (USA)

If you have mapped the target shares in Windows, you can simply let Windows explorer do the work of discovering what has already been copied to that destination.

Thank you for your help.  I was able to use WIndows File Explorer to copy the files over (and the transfer rate was about 4 times faster than when using the My Cloud App).

Just noting that I had to change the Share to public, because Windows wouldn’t recognize any login information to a non-public share.