Large data transfer alternatives

I just bought My Cloud 2 TB and I want to transfer all my files from an external drive trough usb3 port. Note that the external drive has usb3 support.

It is my understanding that I am limited to my network connection if I copy the files trough explorer or total commander, and I have to use the somewhat limited MyCloud app.

The speed is indeed to usb 3 specs but it doesn’t copy all my files. It stays for a while on the copy screen …thingy… no progress bar whatsoever. 

Is there another way or another app that I can use, except the SSH method? Or maybe a gui for SSH? I do not feel comfortable using the command line  as I am not a linux user.


It is advisable to copy/transfer data in small batches of around 10 Gigabytes as opposed to a single, large copy.

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