Language on WD Smartware: Other than OS?

Hello. I just bought a WD My Book Essential and installed WD Smartware on my computer. The computer has OS in Spanish. However, I would like to have WD Smartware in English.

Is it possible to change the language, either by going to some option or by uninstalling/reinstalling the software?

Is it at all possible to have the software on a different language than the OS, or does it HAVE to be the same?

Thank you for the help!

Can not change it but you can uninstall and reinstall using the application that has the language package you are looking for.

For more info see this thread :

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First of all, thank you for the interest and help!

I had already seen that post, but the link posted there takes me to an option of downloading an Update of the smartware software I have, there is no mention of a VCD with a language package. Shall I uninstall the software and run the update file as a stand alone installation? Or am I misunderstanding something? Sorry if it sounds stupid.

Not stupid at all…

Yeah, you’re right the update will not have VCD since the new version does not come with that.

Just go to the download page and update the software

I searched for an option to change the language after installing the Smartware that came with the drive. Nothing. Then I updated the Smartware to the new version provided in the lnk we’ve discussed. No option to change language. Anything else I can try?