Language Encryptions


i live in israel.

an i bought lately the WD TV HD Gen 1 and i upgraded the firmware to the latest one 1.03.01.

the problem is that the device doesnt support Hebrew encyption. so i cant see the name of the movies that are written in hebrew…

is there any way to fix it. i mean… i realy dont know but i had to ask xD.

Thanks in advance to any1 that helps.

I’m pretty sure theres not, but I’ve seen WD add languages in the past so you should definatly look through the ideas in the Idea lab (if it’s there simply vote for it) and post it if it does not already exist. WD said that they look through these for customer feedback.

I too bought the Mini TV device, and was diasappointed to find out it doesn’t support hebrew. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any firmware update to solve the problem, but for meanwhile, try converting subtitles to VobSub with txt2vobsub.exe (downlod link (Found the solution here:

Snir got it right!
For now you can use VOBsub subtitles. Its a pain th the **bleep** to make VOBsubs for every movie you watch but that is the only solution for now.

You are all posting on the wrong board. This is for the WDTV Live only. The WDTV gen 1 / 2 plus the mini have their own boards.

You are correct however in this case, the problem concerns all WDTV versions.

Don’t know from memory what languages are supported but does formatting your SRTs as UTF-8 make a difference?

How do I do that?

sliklee wrote:

To convert subtitle files encoded in a different format, open the file with Notepad and do a Save As with the
following parameters: File Type—All Files and Encoding—UTF-8.